Things to do in Point Reyes, California

Day trip travel advice to Point Reyes, California.

There are go-getters, and then there are GO-GETTERS. I say we fall in the latter category. Not only do we chase our dreams, but we also bring along the right mindset.

Anyone can take a day-trip adventure. But what you make of that trip using your mindset is what you will take away in fruitful memories. A positive mindset will take you far in life.

Before Departure

With a pin dropped on our map, my friend Austen and I headed out to Point Reyes Cypress Tree Tunnel in Marin County, California. This destination is about thirty miles northwest of San Francisco.

Packing recommendations: water, water, water, some snacks, a camera, layers, and walking shoes. Last but not least, funky tunes or a podcast to fuel your drive. Side note: The Cypress Tree Tunnel is about half an hour from the coastline, so maybe plan to explore the coast and other landmarks in the area as well. (See the end of this post for other things to do in the area.)

To the West

Singing catchy tunes. Awkward silence. . . Laughter. Communicating ideas, perspectives, hopes, fears, and the need for a bathroom break. Winding around hairpin turns and dodging potholes. On the search for something specific, but open to detours along the way.

Mindset Engaged

It really does not matter where your going, especially on an adventure. Mindset dictates all. Anywhere you go can be an adventure: the grocery store, a walk through the park, your backyard. The drive does not have to be far, but no matter what do not forget to pack a positive mindset.

An adventure can be a horrible experience or the best. It all depends on your mindset.

The Power of Mindset

When we take an adventure we usually are sitting in a car driving to a destination. Where is the excitement in that? This is where your mindset takes the front seat. You have the power to control your thoughts, feelings, attitude, emotions--your mind.

As much as it feels as though others may control or dictate these things at times, remember that you are in control--always, no matter what. If you catch yourself thinking or saying, "But he/she did this/that," "They said this/that," "The car is acting up," pause. Take a breath.Yes, people and things can have an effect on your emotions and attitude. But you have the power to respond the way you want. You choose the mindset and attitude to have. You can choose to focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results. Creating positive thoughts creates and transforms energy into reality.

Same goes for an adventure.

We sat in a car for almost four hours driving. You might ask, what was the mindset we chose to have? We were excited about the time spent together, the songs we sang, the stories we told, and the road ahead. We could have chosen to sit in the car quiet and angry through traffic, but what good would that have done? The adventure is what you make of it.

Light Them Up

On our way to the Cypress Tree Tunnel we saw a sign that read "Lighthouse" and Austen's face lit up. We passed the Cypress Tree Tunnel and continued down the windy road about half an hour frequently catching flirting glimpses of the sparkling ocean on the horizon. We followed the signs on the road past cows, hills, and wired fences. The fog came and went and the wind blew strong.

Deer "Shooting"

Finally we arrived at a turn off where other cars were parked. We did not know where we were, but saw the ocean surrounding us and that was enough. With his camera in hand, Austen sprung from the car and jumped over a fence before I had the chance to get out of the car. He called back to me saying there was a deer he wanted to capture and started climbing down the succulent covered hill. I grabbed my jacket from the car and followed.

Sometimes the best parts of an adventure are the experiences unplanned. We traversed our way along the hillside carefully stepping through "quicksand" and bushes to follow the majestic deer grazing.

The view was spectacular. We sat stunned by the turquoise water, the red and green hillside succulents, and the contrasting sand-colored rocks. Seals bark on the shoreline below. With such a beautiful and inspiring first stop along our trip, we craved more.

After chasing deer all over the hillside we walked toward the Lighthouse. The silliest walk I ever did take. Cracking jokes every step we took.

It Is Your Mindset

Honestly, the best part of our adventure was talking on that very breezy road to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. We were tossed by the strong gusts and my hair swirled all around my face, but instead of feeling frustrated and upset we chose to have a mindset filled with excitement and playfulness.

We could have walked on any road and talked anywhere. Really, any adventure can be the same. It is all about the mindset you take with you and being happy with yourself.

Golden Hour

We finally made it to the Cypress Tree Tunnel just as the sun was setting. Sunset is the perfect time of day to see the twisting, turning, arching trees. As you walk through the tunnel look up to see the branches reaching toward each other as if the trees are hugging one another over the paved road dividing them. I felt a powerful energy as I strolled through the tunnel. It was almost as if the trees were embracing me between their hold of one another.

Your mindset creates the way you perceive things. If you have a positive mindset, you will see the world in a positive way.

Places to Explore in the Point Reyes Area:

  • Cypress Tree Tunnel
  • Point Reyes National Seashore: hiking trails, panoramic water views
  • Point Reyes Light House: open util 4pm, panoramic views
  • Drakes Beach: four miles wide, surfing, sailing, oysters
  • Limantour Beach: surfing, hiking
  • Alamere Falls: a tidefall (waterfall that flows directly into ocean)
  • Tomales Bay: hiking, kayaking, sailing, swimming, picnic areas, camping, oysters & clams
The world is our playground, so if we approach the worldly adventures we embark on in a playful, curious, and creative way we will find happiness on every journey.