Are you two adventurous? Beach bums? Sunset sailors? Coffeeshop connoisseurs? What truly tells YOUR love story? Let's put you in your element with your best friend and let the sparks fly!

My approach is very documentary. I'm all about capturing authentic love rather than the extremely posed photos...that's what prom is for ;)

I want to capture your genuine laugh, the way your hair moves and your unique mannerisms. I want you to see yourself being in love and being you - that is my goal. 

If you’re looking to capture the in between moments, you don’t mind the wind in your hair, or going barefoot - I’m your girl. 

If you nervous about photos cause you feel like you two are 'so awkward' in front of the camera I promise you will look back on your photos and be like, "dannnggg, we're cute," with a little smirk on your face and realize how much fun all of this actually is and should be.

This is the funnest, most memorable, and adventurous time of your life and it deserves to be documented!

Kelsey + Jerry

“Thank you for making things so easy and light hearted! You are talented beyond words and we are honored you took our pictures! We can’t wait to do another session with you! We love you!”

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love letters

love letters

Can I be your favorite third wheel?

My approach to shooting is very active; my cues include a lot of movement; think dance choreography! I will get a few smiley, classic, posed shots, but most of the time is spent in motion. Or laughing--lots of laughing. I aim for variety--from a close up shot of your hands to a silhouette in the distance. I will be in your face and almost so far away you can’t hear me. In front of you and behind you. I want you to scroll through your gallery and see your love from every perspective.