9 Things to do in the Fall - Napa Valley

9 Festive Things to do in the Fall - Napa Valley

Summer has the softest kisses, but fall has the sweetest whispers. The trees transform to their most vibrant shades of blazing yellow, orange, red, and even purple. The covered hillsides invite us to bask in all their colorful glory like tribute to summer vibes. Napa Valley offers by far the most festive scenery in Northern California as the colors in the vineyards change with the season.

Traveling to Northern California during this season?

Need an idea for a weekend getaway to keep you moving as the months get colder?

Keep reading for a quick look at the best Napa Valley fall activities to fill your festive craving without the PSL aftertaste.

1. Wander Around Shops in Yountville

First stop: baked treats + coffee because what is a better way to start your day? Get in line at Bouchon Bakery early (yes, they can get pretty busy) for fresh French-style savory + sweet baked goods and coffee. With coffee and croissant in hand, make your way across the street to peruse V Marketplace and the surrounding shops up and down Washington Street (from Oak Circle to Madison Street). Other great establishments: R+D Kitchen for some sushi or kale salad, Redd Wood for burrata cheese + bread or mushroom pizza, or Yountville Deli to create your own sampling of picnic snacks.

2. Travel Silverado Trail

Whether you travel by car or bicycle, driving/riding up and down Silverado Trail is a sight to see. Marvel at the bright yellow hillsides as they caress the oranges, reds, and even purples of the vines and trees. Make pit stops at wineries and restaurants that border the Trail. If you’re feeling bubbly, Mumm Napa is a detour away. For those of you who want to feel fancy + festive without the buzz, Mumm offers a non-alcoholic fruity flute to rosy your cheeks.

3. Cozy Spa + Wellness Day at Meadowood

Enjoy a warm wellness-filled day at Meadowood’s private estate. Hidden within the colorful trees in the wooded valley, this resort offers a variety of first-class ammentities. From spa services to a spa culinary menu their tranquil atmosphere offers a holistic transformation. Invite your closest friends or spend the day enjoying your own company, either way you will leave Meadowood feeling rejuvenated.

4. Enjoy Family-style Pizza

Some nights we do not feel like cooking or are busy taking care of holiday activities. Take the family (or invite a group of friends) to get together and catch up over sizzling pizza. Two of the best places to grab a slice are: Velo Pizzeria where they have weekly specials and the most delectable rosemary French fry pizza or Azzurro Pizzeria e Enoteca for thin crust fancy pies.

5. Cozy Picnic at a Winery

We’re lucky Napa Valley is nicely nestled in California where the weather only mildly drops. Grill or sautée up some winter veggies and pair them with hearty breads + cheeses for a comfy-cozy picnic at your favorite winery. Wine not? Maybe you want to try swapping holiday dinner dishes for healthier options. Use this picnic to test out your new recipes on company. See this recipe for Creamed Brussels Sprouts. Some winery recommendations are: Gundlach Banschu Winery or Rutherford Ranch Winery. Also, don’t forget the blankets and dessert.

6. Outdoor Fire Pit at Brasswood Bar + Kitchen

High quality service combined with elegant, yet rustic ambiance gives you all the warm and cozy feelings. But that cozy feeling is not complete without a fire pit. Surround yourself with friends/family or meet new company when gathering around Brasswood’s outdoor fire pit. If you are interested (or need a way to convince a partner to join) cigars (purchased in their bottleshop) and spirits can be enjoyed around the fire. If you have the chance to eat at the restaurant you must order the Mozzerella-it is indescribable. What’s warmer than a belly full of cheesy goodness?

7. Calistoga Hot Springs Mineral Pools

Charming and quaint Calistoga offers a true escape. Submerge yourself in one of the many resorts that offer geothermal hot springs. Hotel Calistoga Spa Hot Springs offers 4 mineral pools as well as other amenities like a spa, gym, and yoga studio.

8. Visit the Oxbow Public Market

Inside the Oxbow Public Market you can wander delightfully around shops and restaurants that keep up with trends by changing occasionally. This one-stop-shop offers something for everyone (food + sweets) and is great place to start your early Christmas shopping (gifts). Local honey is a staple addition to dishes in the winter months to prepare your body for the allergy seasons to come or simply sweeten the winter chill. Check out Marshall’s Farm Honey for the tastiest seasonal allergy relief. Also, with the start of holiday shopping season we fear the parking nightmare, thankfully Oxbow Public Market offers plenty of parking offering you relief.

9. Shop the Farmers Market

More than just grapes, load up on local goods ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables to artisan cheeses to specialty-food purveyors at the weekly market. Napa Valley is filled with not only skillful winemakers, but artists and craftmen galore. Located in the parking lot of Century Theaters at South Napa Centure Center, 195 Glasses Drive, Napa on Tuesdays + Saturdays till November 20th.