Documenting memories for the happiest, wildest, can't-stop-smiling kind of love in California and beyond. For souls who seek to feel the ocean's breeze, are not afraid to get a little messy, souls who want to dance with the wind in their hair, and celebrate memories in the making.

This is about that real love stuff. The kind that makes your heart beat a little harder, makes you wanna hug a little tighter, stay out under the stars a little longer, and breathe escaping moments in a little deeper. The best days of our lives pass by all too quickly. I want you to breathe--to stop and take in the happiness and excitement around you-–to truly embrace the moment.

I am all about couples doing their own thing. The more personalized and intentional you are with your plans, the more fondly you’ll look back on your day.

I specialize in intimate weddings (50 people or less), but take on weddings with up to 180 people or less. And if you are wanting to leave the production behind and plan something adventurous, quaint, intimate, and amazing, submit that contact form ASAP and we’ll plan something incredible together!

Kaeleigh + Ty

“KENDALL!! WOW! You literally KILLED IT! We cannot wait to share with friends and family. My favorite parts were seeing the reactions I missed when I was wrapped up in the day. Ugh just amazing!”

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kind words

kind words

Destination Weddings + Elopements

If you are the bride that doesn't mind getting their dress a little dirty and is down with wearing sandals underneath--or better yet no shoes, the couple that's more into making their own memories instead of feeling the pressure of following the rules of others, the kind of people that are stoked on each other and the little quirks each one of you has...then I can tell you right now, we're gunna be good friends.

I am jumping for joy at for the chance to be there for you through all those unposed, emotional, unplanned moments that come with your wedding day. Your dress may be getting dirty, your hair love-tangled by the wind; and maybe it even rains! But you don’t care because you’re marrying your human. Honestly, what else matters?

I want you to be FULLY present in ALL of those moments and to not worry about whether everything is perfect or if I am capturing everything because I PROMISE you: if you put your trust in me, I will have your back through it all. And it will be the best freaking day ever!

You’re investing in your MEMORIES

You’re investing in your MEMORIES

You may not even realize it now, but these photos are the #1 most special thing you’ll have to hold on to from that day.

Again, it means the world to me that we become friends and have a deeper connection than just a vendor/client relationship.

Your memories mean so much to me and that means YOU do too. So if you read this and felt something, let’s connect and be friends!

Let's start writing your new favorite story to tell.
Let's start writing your new favorite story to tell.

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