5 Things to do in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

While traveling through Mongolia I made a quick trip to the Gobi Desert. Below is a list of my top recommendations for when you plan your visit.

1. Stay in yurt

Not that there are many places to actually choose from out there, but you must enjoy the inconsistencies in temperature as you burn up by the fireplace then freeze as you wake up in the middle of the night. It is an experience you have to have, but in all seriousness staying in a yurt was incredible. You can wake up and watch the shooting stars all night long.

One night we experienced a sandstorm that almost knocked me off my feet. I went outside to brush my teeth and when I went to spit out the excess toothpaste it flew in the air parallel to the ground making its way toward Austen a couple feet away. I screamed chasing after my spit trail yelling at it to drop to the ground so that it did not hit Austen. It was a hilarious sight to see, but more of a horrid one for Austen. This sandstorm felt like something from Star Wars movie, so unearthly and nothing like I have ever experienced.

2. Enjoy the scenic drive

As you make your way through the Gobi Desert you will drive through mountains and valleys seeing tons of wildlife including horses, camels, vultures, eagles, and gazelles. Watching the gazelles gallop across the plains was so surreal. Austen actually chased them down with the drone and almost ran right into them.

3. Visit the sand dunes and hike them

Not an easy task, but the most rewarding challenge. Austen and I made a goal to hike up the tallest dune. Halfway up I wanted to give up, but Austen gave me a pep talk and motivated me to keep hiking. Three-fourths of the way up the dune Austen wanted to give up, but I convinced him to make it to the top. We worked together to make achieve our goal.

4. Ride a camel

That’s it, just do it.

5. See the Flaming Cliffs

Also known as Bayanzag or Red Cliffs look similar to the Grand Canyon or Red Rocks in Utah. This area has been fruitful for dinosaur eggs and fossils. In the evening these desert cliffs glow with a fiery red light that looks like the sun setting.

This list is short and sweet, but full of adventure!