No. 01 The (Start Up) Program

This 4 Month Accountability Program is for the photographer who is ready to invest in a thriving luxury wedding career: up-leveling their branding, creating time saving workflows, and adding intentional touches to their business to attract dream clients.

Starts again November 1, 2024

Zoom Coaching + Workbook

This 2 hour educational opportunity via Zoom is best for the go-getter photographer looking to gain knowledge and expertise in photography, education, business, social media, and more. This gives us the perfect amount of time to cover a few topics.

spots available now

Personalized Styled Shoot

Are you seeking to elevate your portfolio with captivating content that appeals to high-end clients? This carefully curated styled session is designed to help photographers refine their directing skills and capture one-of-a-kind stories through their lens.

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  2. Kendall will reach out via email if she thinks this is a fit for you
  3. Start smashing your goals!

Start creating the photography business you always dreamed of.

Spots in the No. 01 The (Start Up) Program are limited. The next round starts November 1, 2024. Join the waitlist now by completing the application form!



Abundance is a mindset and is achievable for everyone.

no. 01


no. 01

Abundance is a mindset and is achievable for everyone.


I am invested in your success and committed to creating an inspiring community to support your dreams.

No. 02


No. 02

I am invested in your success and committed to creating an inspiring community to support your dreams.


You will be successful in your career and a sought after photographer in your market.

No. 03


No. 03

You will be successful in your career and a sought after photographer in your market.

Coming Soon...

No. 02 The (Educator) Program for photographers looking to dive in to the photography education space. You'll learn things like curriculum creation, advertising to your community of photographers, preset creation, passive income streams, and more.



"I can't begin to put into words how pivotal working with Kendall was in the No. 1 Start Up Program. Although I was a founding member of the first program launch, functionally, it made absolutely no difference - everything was so completely organized and well thought through. Kendall truly cares. She is the picture of what I believe an educator should look like. She bares all in this program; letting you in on all of her secrets (and they're all SO good). There's not a question I asked Kendall that I didn't get an incredibly helpful, thoughtful, practical answer for. I can honestly say that this program was life changing, that I'd do it again and again, and there's nothing I recommend more for photographers looking to catapult their growth. Kendall is someone I now consider a dear friend, mentor, and my "photography big sister". I will be continuing to book calls with Kendall throughout the next year as I could not do without her endless support and priceless mentorship."


"Kendall provided the best mentorship I could have ever imagined. She was the big sister I never had. My business has booked 2 weddings since I began the No. 01 Program. She answered every question I had and I wish I could stay in the program forever because those zoom chats made me feel so empowered. She preaches community and to embrace the mistakes. Thank you, Kendall!!"


"KENDALL IS THE BEST!! I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by her through her No. 01 Start-up Program and it was life changing. Her insights were incredibly helpful, and with her help I was able to surpass my ANNUAL business goals in just 3 months. Those results speak for themselves, but I would also love to mention that she was incredibly organized and gave her all to each coaching call that we had together. I have no doubt that she provides the same care to her wedding clients. She puts her heart into her work, and provides an incredible client experience. I cannot recommend her enough to other photographers wanting to up-level their business, or to couples looking for photography services!! Seriously don't wait, book now!"


"Your mentorship was seriously gold. The way you act with clients and your overall aura is so contagious and clients obviously feed off of it. I've started using some of your recommendations and clients are absolutely obsessed. They say it makes it so much easier + more fun of a session. Thank you so much for being such a sweet and genuine and amazing human in this field. You’ve inspired me so much!! And despite all of the insecurities and voices in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough, I’m booking out!"


"I was able to participate in her coaching program that spanned over 4 months, and it was truly life changing. Kendall is so knowledgable and so kind and the amount of knowledge I gained is immeasurable. But the thing I appreciated the most truly was the friendships I gained with Kendall and the other girls that participated. If you are wanting to further your photography business DO THIS! it is so worth it!! I cannot recommend it enough. Kendall is amazing and I am so so grateful for this opportunity."

Soj Lin

"Thank you for taking me under your wing for a day to patiently and carefully listen, providing honest and valuable answers to my many questions, and being SO kind/encouraging. I had no idea how I was doing, so it meant so much to be affirmed by another photographer! Your positivity is infectious."


"I decided to uptake her mentor package and oh my lord, was she helpful! Setting the appointment was so quick and easy - so once the day came, everything was smooth. We spent HOURS just talking and it was all just useful tips. She taught me things I don’t think I would have ever thought on my own. She is just someone who is very easy to get along with it, which made everything seem so seamless. Because of all this, I am truly eternally grateful for Kendall!!!"


"Thank you again for today and for everything else!! Today was the first time I truly felt like I could do this for a living. Thank you for being so patient and kind and answering all my questions. It was such an awesome experience and I'm glad I chose you as my mentor."


"The info I learned from you… specifically on exposure and kelvin has been helping sooo much! I want to do another mentor session if your up for it! I think this is the best way I can level up in my biz!"

NO. 01 THE (Start Up) PROGRAM

what you will learn

Month 01

Setting Up Your Business:

Including tips on Honeybook, Pixieset, Canva, and Camera Setting Tips You May Not Know

Month 02

Building YOUR Brand:

Messaging to Attract your Audience, Creating + Customizing Guides + Templates, Website Content, Aesthetic + Intentional Social Media Planning

Month 03

Client Experience:

Client Management + Automations, How to Structure Your Pricing to Book Higher Paying Weddings, Engaging + Booking Dream Clients

Month 04

Wedding Success:

Wedding Days from Start to Finish, How to Book Destination Sessions + Weddings, Candid and Documentary Style Shooting, and The Art of Storytelling

No. 01 the (start up) Program


Snag this discounted rate for the November 1, 2024 program before the next round starts November 1, 2025.

$777/per month

(Pay monthly - most popular)

Just $777 at checkout each month = $3,108 total

$555/per month

(Pay in full - big savings)

Save 30% = $2,220 at checkout

My goal with pricing the No. 01 The (Start Up) Program is to ensure that you receive a return on investment that goes beyond your expectations. I'm confident that the program will enable you to book not just one, but several extra weddings. In fact, I believe the results you'll achieve will far exceed the program's cost, so your return on investment of this program is inevitable.

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