Day-trip to the island of Brač, Croatia

A travel guide with a list of things to do for a day-trip from Split to the island of Brac in Croatia.

While staying in Split, Croatia you may want to check out the surrounding areas because they have a lot to offer. Brač is home to Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) beach, which is Croatia’s most popular postcard.

While one of the most popular islands, it still preserves a laid back way of living. Brač is known to be less crowded and stunning in terms of natural beauty. While it lacks the appeal of a bigger beach, all those picturesque coves surrounded by pine forests are little pieces of paradise.

Read on to see my advice on how to plan and enjoy your day trip to Brač!

Take an early morning ferry ride from the Split Ferry Port (about 1 hour) to Brač.

Drink your morning espresso on the ferry deck before you step off in Supetar (the biggest & most populated town on Brač). Supetar is picturesque, but busy compared to the other places on the island.

Take a bus or taxi to Pućišća, which is a super charming, known for having the nicest white stone products. If you are interested, visit the Stone Masons school to check out the work and the techniques of the stone modeling and sculpting.

You will see many people selling their wine and olive oil products from their homes. Do not hesitate to buy or ask how it is produced!

Make your way to other side of the island, but stop at the highest point – Vidova gora. There you will have a stunning view of archipelago. To get here you can either take a cab or hitchhike.

Next head to Bol and spend time sun bathing on stunning beaches and enjoying adventure/sport activities like windsurfing/kitesurfing.

Here you will also find Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) which is the main beach and has a unique shape & crystal clear water on both sides. This spot is recognized one of most beautiful beaches in World!

To escape the crowd at Golden Horn check out the Murvica area for a private beach. There are many well hidden, pebble beaches around this area, however, there is no road, and they can only be reached by foot.

Near dinner time find a restaurant near the sea and taste the very delicious seafood dishes prepared with the local olive oil and served with the local wine.

Nights in Bol can get pretty wild! Check out Varadero bar in very center of the old town for some cocktails, music & partying.

What Croatian Island do you hope to visit?