Day-trip to Krka National Park & Sibenik, Croatia

A travel guide for a day-trip excursion to Krka National Park & Sibenik, Croatia.

DO go chasing waterfalls

Krka National Park is picturesque ever which way you turn. These powerful waterfalls crash down over mossy green rocks. The colors you see throughout the park are so vibrant you think someone turned the saturation level up on your eyes. Keep reading to find out how you can have the best day swimming in theses turquoise waters.

I have gathered helpful advice for planning and enjoying your day trip to Krka National Park in Croatia.

▲ p l a n n i n g ▲

▲ l o c a t i o n ▲

I stayed in an AirBnB in Split, which is a great place to start and end your trip to Krka.

▲ e x c u r s i o n s ▲

An excursion tour group is the way to go. Getting to Krka National Park on your own would be difficult and cost more for car, gas, boat, etc. An excursion is the best way to explore these places because organizing transportation is a hassle. Make it easy on yourself and find a tour group company. As young too-cool-for-school-travellers, we were dreading this tourist-y excursion, but it turned out to be one of our favorite memories.

Plan your excursions ahead of time, not the same day (we learned the hard way). Splitlicious was a great company we found online that is professional, affordable, and detailed. The experience was fantastic and we loved our tour guide Tonni. We chose the Krka Waterfalls & Šibenik Tour. It is around 25 Euros not including the entrance fee to the park. Some other top activities via excursion are Plitvice Lakes, the Blue Caves, and a Game of Thrones Tour. If you have a couple days in Split before you want to explore Krka, walk the promenade to find the tour guided excursion kiosks and pick the best company to guide your tour. Heads up, this is an all day tour (9hrs and 30 min).

▲ p a c k i n g ▲

You will be out walking around in the sun all day, so dress accordingly. I would wear sportswear, a swim suit, comfortable walking shoes, and an additional change of clothing. I also highly recommend a hat and towel. Grab a small backpack, sunscreen, reusable water bottle, and some snacks for the road. Another fun item would be some sort of waterproof camera/housing, so you can take pictures while swimming in the waterfalls. Don’t worry about packing too heavy, because when I went on the trip they allowed us to leave items in the bus. Also, the bus can be quite cold, so I was so happy I brought a jacket even on that hot sunny day. Layers are key!

▲ d u r i n g y o u r t r i p▲

▲ m o r n i n g ▲

Meeting time is at 7:40 am, so don’t be late! Start walking to your meeting spot early, so you can grab a smoothie, coffee, or baked treat (dozens of bakeries in the area that will entice your senses) on your way. Walk towards the north entrance of the Palace near the Gregory of Nin Statue (this is where we were asked to meet for the tour). While you are waiting for other guests so arrive, make a wish by rubbing his golden toe. After everyone arrives you will board the air-conditioned bus and drive one hour and 30 minutes to Skradin where you will board a boat and ride 30 minute upstream to Krka National Park.

10:30 am Once arriving at the park entrance you will pay an entrance fee, if you have a student ID card you receive a discount (so bring one). At this point in the tour you can choose to stay with the group and listen to the facts and history on the park as you wander through it, or you can venture off on your own.

As you walk deeper into the park you will arrive at Skradinski buk, one of the most famous Croatian natural beauties and the largest travertine waterfall in Europe.

Skradinski buk is the last of seven waterfalls on the Krka River, but sure not the least as it creates the most travertine cascades, islands, and lakes.

Over 17 steps of Skradinski buk, spread over 800 meters in length is one of the most unusual and beautiful landscape images of the National Park.

Walk around the park and take in the views. The route you will walk is a giant circle around the falls. When you are about to finish the loop the trial will open up to a swim entrance.

Here you can bask in the sun and submerge in the falls. If you want you can start your day with a swim then walk around the falls loop, but I would recommend swimming later when the sun comes out.

▲ a f t e r n o o n ▲

When you work up an appetitie there are a couple restaurants in the Park as well as a handful of vendors. Fresh fish, beer, crepes, nuts, and fruits are enjoyed.

I sat down at the restaurant higher in the loop and enjoyed lunch.

2:00 pm After lunchtime you will be asked to meet back at the bus near the high end of the walking trail loop to depart.

Next you will head back out on the bus for about a 30 minute drive to a historic, seaside city of Sibenik where you can visit St. James Cathedral. In Sibenik you can wander around, grab lunch if you did not eat at the park, grab gelato, or bask on the beach.

We climbed up to the top of the hill and found a nice lookout to enjoy.

4:00 pm You will probably be asked to be back at the bus to board around this time. The bus ride back was one of the greatests parts. Make sure to get a seat on the right side of the bus (ocean view) with a clean window. The return to Split along the coast road is gorgeous. There are picturesque villages and beautiful offshore islands. The whole ride back to Split our tour guide told us fun tips, history, and tips on where Game of Thrones scenes were shot.

Try to stay awake to hear all the juiciness the tour guide shares, but you won’t be the first person to fall asleep. Guilty. Some people were awake excited to soak in all the knowledge and I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

In all, this was one of the best trips, places, and memories of my travelling days and I highly recommend you visit!

▲ p r o - t i p s ▲

  • If you are a student bring your school ID card because your entrance fee to the park will be a lot cheaper (student discount)
  • When booking an excursion choose one that leaves earlier in the day to avoid the crowds on the walking trail
  • Bring water shoes because some of the rocks are jagged and/or slippery

Where do you like to chase waterfalls?