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Looking to make a change in your life? Curious about my 1-on-1 coaching?
First, schedule a consultation in person, via Skype or FaceTime where we can share a smoothie together while we discuss your health history, current lifestyle, and your health goals.


healthy living personal program

I will create a custom wellness plan for you–with suggestions for a workout routine, meal plan based on your dietary preferences as well as lifestyle and mindset shifts to help you reach your all your health and fitness goals.​

price varies

personal training session

I will give you personalized recommendations at each session based on our discussions, your health history, and your current lifestyle that will help you find a better balance towards a more healthy and happy life.


Detailed services

Food Journal Consultation

Physical health is 80% diet, but there’s a lot of confusion out there regarding what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat… but what those studies and articles don’t factor in is perhaps the most important factor of all— YOU!

This food journal consultation is ideal for the person looking to get a little more clarity and guidance with their diet. If you feel like you’re doing most things right but not seeing results, let’s look at why that could be. If you’re new to a cleaner way of eating and not sure where to start, I’ll help you take the steps necessary to transform your health without overwhelming you.

You’ll fill out and submit a one week food journal (template provided) as well as a brief questionnaire detailing your wellness goals and current conditions, and I’ll provide you with some feedback, tweaks and tips to create a solid foundation on which to continually build your health.

Healthy Living Single Session

Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your weightloss or wellness goals? Unsure how to make healthy, long-lasting changes? Maybe you’re simply lacking motivation, energy or excitement in life and can’t pinpoint what's holding you back.

During our session, we’ll discover the underlying imbalances in your life, from diet and exercise to relationships, career, spirituality and beyond. We’ll hyelight the physical and emotional connections involved in order to help you progress toward your state optimum wellth— however that looks for you! Together, we’ll reset your mindset to take action towards your optimum wellness.

1 x 60 minute 1-1 meeting/phone call with Kendall
A holistic health assessment
2 weeks of email, text & voice chat support following the session

Healthy Living three sessions

Let’s take a deep dive into your greatest wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, lose the caffeine addiction, improve your relationships or find more joy in your day to day, we will uproot your setbacks and uplevel your life through the power of accountability and continued support.

As we progress through our wellness journey, successes always lead to new challenges. Continue to fuel your momentum and ensure you are taking actionable steps towards achieving your goals with 3 monthly check-in’s, on-demand messaging support, and more! We’ll create a personalized wellness plan to make tangible progress toward greater levels of nutrition and fitness while working on your stress, energy, relationships and whatever else comes to the surface.

3 x 60-min 1-1 meetings/phone calls with Kendall to use over 3 month period
Additional 30-min meetings/calls at a discounted rate
A holistic health assessment
Food journal consultation with personalized recommendations
3 months of email, text & voice chat support

Macro Meal Planning

Do you want to reach your wellness goal faster than ever by eating things you enjoy?

Training is important, but diet is KEY. Let's work together to create a meal plan that will help you reach your goals so much faster. The reason we work together is because I want you to eat foods you enjoy! This makes this lifestyle change easier and more enjoyable.

I will teach you the fundamentals of macro counting, help you create meal plans that work with your lifestyle, and provide you examples, support, and guidance.

This includes one meal plan, hundreds of recipes, and education on how to DIY.

Do not worry I will keep everything private! You will have access to a Google Doc we create and can update and change things whenever you like.

I know counting macros may sound scary, but I promise to make it easy to digest (pun) and something you can move forward with on your own. Counting what you consume is not easy, but by counting your macros at least one time and creating a meal plan you will be able to see where your problem areas may be and make some changes to better fit your goals.

Once I counted my macros everything changed for me. I do not drink much alcohol and only ate “healthy” fats. The first time I counted my macros I realized my fat intake was way too high, which is what was holding me back from reaching my goals.

The goal is to understand macros and what your body needs so you can eat mindfully after knowing what your macros “look” like. And eventually you will not even need to 'count' anything.

Bride to be program

Looking for a program to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day while also enjoying the journey leading up to it?

During this 3-month program you will be mentored, supported, educated, and held accountable so that you can achieve your goals and feel your absolute best on your special day.

This supportive program is right for you if you want to:
Lose or manage weight sustainably without going on a crazy, crash diet
Have radiant skin, high energy, and authentic confidence
Learn how to eat intuitively so that you can maintain your weight post-wedding
Manage the stress + anxiety that often accompanies planning a wedding (because it's basically another full time job)
Exercise in a way that feels fun, doable, and produces results

Book a free consultation to learn more!

What this program includes:
Get 2 Coaching sessions per month—between sessions you'll have personalized, clear action steps to be working on
Complete a 14-day Sugar detox for radiant skin, increased energy, and reduced bloating
Learn how to best shop at the grocery store and how to read/interpret nutrition labels
Learn tips on how to dine out so that you can keep up your social life and be healthy too
Explore foods that are right for your body
Deconstruct cravings and emotional eating
Foster better sleep habits to regulate hunger hormones, improve skin health, and reduce stress
Make physical activity doable and enjoyable
Increase energy/reduce fatigue
Create space for restful, positive time away from work (and wedding planning!)
Practice powerful tools to reduce and manage stress and anxiety
Deepen your sense of happiness, sensuality, and connection

Spray Tan

The sun is overrated these days, but still nothing brightens your day like a good glow. Let me help you feel extra radiant by booking a spray tan! For the best results, make sure to follow ALL my instructions on prep work. A tan can last up to 2 weeks if tended to properly.

Frequently asked questions


I know first hand that eating well, exercising and creating new habits can feel daunting, challenging or even impossible. As a coach, my goal is to un-complicate and demystify the confusing and contradicting information surrounding nutrition, exercise, and whole body wellness.
I work one-on-one with individuals, in small groups, or with corporations, to procure ideal happiness and health by finding that sweet spot between loving food, without it becoming an unhealthy obsession. We work on discovering movement and mindfulness that is sustainable and actually enjoyable.
Clients gain the knowledge and skills to navigate through the ever evolving wellness world, and manage social situations with ease. Most importantly, clients rediscover themselves, gain confidence and begin to lead the life they’ve always dreamed of.
In many cases I also assist the client in reestablishing respect and gratitude for their body. Tuning in and learning how to listen to and honor our physical beings, finding harmony between mind, body and spirit.

My Philosophy.

I believe our lifestyle and diets and should feel full, nurturing and expansive. Not empty, inaccessible or restrictive. This is why my approach to healthy living does not require expensive powders, tonics or cleanses. There is no weighing, counting or tallying, but also no magic bullet or pill. This means doing the work. Together, we untangle messy, societal constructs around health and body image.  We may sift through debilitating thoughts and beliefs that holds us back from achieving our best, happiest and healthiest self.

I provide clients with the knowledge and space to make their own decisions that they feel empowered in. I guide them and help facilitate gradual changes, providing support along the way. I am available outside of sessions because this is when the real work is done. Clients also receive ongoing support, tips, recipes, and guidance to make sustainable improvements to their health and lifestyle.

Is wellness coaching right for me?

Have you experienced:

• Fad diets
• Yo-yo dieting
• Stubborn weight
• Weight that keeps coming back
• Family history of chronic illness
• Diagnosed with chronic illness
• Poor sleep
• Skin problems
• Digestion issues
• Low energy
• Fatigue
• Poor body image
• Disordered eating
• Interest in going plant based or vegan

• Or if you are interested in learning more about preventative & holistic nutrition, alternative wellness, plant based eating then coaching may be a perfect opportunity for you to explore.

If you have inquiries, concerns or are interested in a free initial consult with me (in-person, telephonically or via Skype) please fill out the form below.

My Approach.

You know when you go to the doctor and you tell them what physical problems you're experiencing and they prescribe you various meds and treatments as they see fit?

Well, that is precisely what I do NOT do. 

Instead, I strive to work in tandem with professional doctors, therapists, nutritionists, trainers, psychics, gurus, sensei, etc. to help guide you down your own personal path to better health and wellness. As a wellness lifestyle coach I work with people who are seeking to improve their overall well-being through healthy lifestyle tweaks, shifts in mindset, and judgement-free conversations. I believe having an safe environment where you can relieve yourself of everything on your mind is the first step to getting well and recognizing imbalances in your physical health are often manifestations of imbalances in other areas of your life (and vice versa). Whatever the case, you have the power to change it. Together we get to the bottom of what is holding you back and put you on a path toward optimum wellness.



“There are no words to describe Kendall’s devotion to fitness and wellness. If you are looking for that ounce of motivation you need to start your day or to eat right for an occasion, she’s your girl. She has a passion for bettering those around her inside and out.”

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