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I am a Certified Personal Trainer located in the Bay Area, California. I am passionate about eating clean, whole foods and using food as medicine to help heal my body naturally. I believe through intuitive eating, conscious consumption, and mindfulness we can create health, harmony and balance within ourselves and the world around us. Here you will find workouts, recipes, health and wellness tips.


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I am and have always been passionate about health, fitness, alternative healing, sustainability, and all things clean beauty and cruelty-free. I aim to not only transform bodies, but also enrich lives. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse populations setting health goals and assisting in behavior change to create lifelong healthy habits. I focus on both fitness and wellness because optimal health calls for a balance between the two. I strive to educate and enlighten you towards achieving greater levels of health and well being. Through exercise, lifestyle tweaks, and shifts in mindset I’ll help you to not only get well and feel your best, but to cultivate a deeper connection to your intuitive self and lead a more purposeful life.


I provide ideas for health tweaks that work with your daily routine to sustain a healthier lifestyle. I educate and share my tools with you because YOU ARE capable of achieving your dreams. So you will not need me forever, but be warned: you may be hooked on my workout companionship. Think of me as a friend and workout buddy. I will be your biggest fan and strongest advocate.

My intention is to share how simple, fun, and energizing exercising is while also incorporating healthy eating that boosts your mood.

I believe food is powerful medicine to prevent, treat, and cure illness within our own bodies while simultaneously alleviating others from suffering. Through intuitive eating, conscious consumption, mindfulness, and movement I am confident we can create health, harmony, and balance within ourselves and the world around us.

Here you'll find all the tips, methods, recipes, exercises and more that have helped me personally to grow and become a happy, healthy human.​





There are no words to describe Kendall’s devotion to fitness and wellness. If you are looking for that ounce of motivation you need to start your day or to eat right for an occasion, she’s your girl. She has a passion for bettering those around her inside and out.

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Looking to make a change in your life? Curious about my 1-on-1 coaching?
First, schedule a consultation in person, via Skype or FaceTime where we can share a smoothie together while we discuss your health history, current lifestyle, and your health goals.


Begin your journey

Ready to make changes and commit to getting results by taking a mind + body approach to wellness? 

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The journey towards health begins on the path of self love.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I know first hand that exercising for results and creating new habits can feel daunting, challenging or even impossible. As a coach, my goal is to un-complicate and demystify the confusing and contradicting information surrounding exercise and whole body wellness.

I work one-on-one with individuals, in small groups, or with corporations, to procure ideal happiness and health by finding that sweet spot between loving movement, without it becoming an unhealthy obsession. We work on discovering mindfulness and movement that is sustainable and actually enjoyable.

Clients gain the knowledge and skills to navigate through the ever evolving wellness world and manage social situations with ease. Most importantly, clients rediscover themselves, gain confidence and begin to lead the life they’ve always dreamed of.

In many cases I also assist the client in reestablishing respect and gratitude for their body. Tuning in and learning how to listen to and honor our physical beings, finding harmony between mind, body and spirit.

My Philosophy.

I believe our lifestyle and diets and should feel full, nurturing and expansive. Not empty, inaccessible or restrictive. This is why my approach to healthy living does not require expensive powders, tonics or cleanses. There is no weighing, counting or tallying, but also no magic bullet or pill. This means doing the work. Together, we untangle messy, societal constructs around health and body image.  We may sift through debilitating thoughts and beliefs that holds us back from achieving our best, happiest and healthiest self.

I provide clients with the knowledge and space to make their own decisions that they feel empowered in. I guide them and help facilitate gradual changes, providing support along the way. I am available outside of sessions because this is when the real work is done. Clients also receive ongoing support, tips, recipes, and guidance to make sustainable improvements to their health and lifestyle.

Is coaching right for me?

It is essential to keep your mind and body guessing and to have fun with your fitness routine.

Do you ever feel like...⁣

You’re not seeing results anymore? ⁣
You’re not getting sore? ⁣
You’re not motivated to work out? ⁣
You’re so bored that no song on the planet can get you through this workout? ⁣
You're bored at the gym?
Let me light a little fire under your booty to get you started.

My Approach.

You know when you go to the doctor and you tell them what physical problems you're experiencing and they prescribe you various meds and treatments as they see fit?

Well, that is precisely what I do NOT do. 

Instead, I strive to work in tandem with professional doctors, therapists, nutritionists, trainers, psychics, gurus, sensei, etc. to help guide you down your own personal path to better health and wellness. As a wellness lifestyle coach I work with people who are seeking to improve their overall well-being through healthy lifestyle tweaks, shifts in mindset, and judgement-free conversations. I believe having an safe environment where you can relieve yourself of everything on your mind is the first step to getting well and recognizing imbalances in your physical health are often manifestations of imbalances in other areas of your life (and vice versa). Whatever the case, you have the power to change it. Together we get to the bottom of what is holding you back and put you on a path toward optimum wellness.

What if I am hesitant?

Change is terrifying for most people.

Every single time you are unhappy or stagnant in your life you are in complete control of whether or not to change it. You are NOT. STUCK. THERE. If you hate your job, your eating habits, the amount of time you spend on social media, the crumbs that have been sitting under your toaster, you can fix it right now and it will leave your life.

If you’re stressed every day you open your eyeballs to see dust on your ceiling fan that’s been sitting there for a month, CLEAN IT.

If you’ve been feeling really bad about yourself because you haven’t called your Mother in 3 weeks, CALL HER.

If you really want to start working out but keep finding your lazy body instead, GET YOUR BOOTY TO THE GYM. And if you don’t have one, walk out your front door and use the outdoors. And then sit on your lazy boy.

Life is stressful as it is... but if you’re not growing, what are you doing. Take this week to start noticing little things that bring you down, and start taking tiny steps to change them. If you don’t know where to start, reach out to me. I got you.

Will I reach my end goal?

One HUGE misconception I’ve noticed most of my clients have is the belief that there is a destination to their healthiest, happiest, fittest life, and they’re just waiting until they find that magic recipe that will get them there. ⁣

I’m here to tell you that THERE IS NO MAGIC RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. Your health and fitness journey is an adventure EVERY SINGLE DAY. And it’s unique to YOU!⁣

We base so much of what we do off of what’s “trending” or what Kim K ate for breakfast, when I promise you, there’s no one size fits all to your healthiest life.⁣

I have spent years of trial and error trying to figure out what works best for me and how I can sustain that for the rest of my life. And I still struggle EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I guarantee you, I am not the only one. We are all out here mentally battling how to not eat the chips and salsa. ⁣

It takes about 1 month to try something new, and to know if it’s producing results! If you’re not happy with your health and fitness routine, I challenge you to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Find something small and maintain it for one month. What do you have to lose?

•If you’re having trouble losing weight--find ONE thing in your diet you are going to add or eliminate for one month. ⁣

•If you’re feeling a plateau in your workout routine--choose ONE day a week you’re going to try something new. ⁣

•If you’re feeling unmotivated, or mentally drained--find one routine or habit to add into your week to better yourself and your mindset. ⁣

MONDAY WILL COME EVERY SINGLE WEEK. If you don’t choose to improve, the Monday 50 weeks from now will look the exact same as today does. Don’t let that be you.


The Blog

Let’s spread some conscious + compassionate love

Let’s spread some conscious + compassionate love



My mission is to help consumers make better, kinder, and more sustainable choices that benefit their health, the animals and our planet. 
- Vegan food companies or restaurants
- Cruelty-free, natural and biodegradable beauty brands
- Holistic, plant-based healing modalities
- Eco-friendly, fair trade businesses with products or clothing that reduce our waste and carbon footprint
- Charities with those in need at heart

Reach out if you're a brand
Reach out if you're a brand