Wander forever

A narrative about a couple who chases their dreams and lives life to the fullest.

Oh the opportunities to learn, grow, and share when you spend time wondering and wandering. A roaming lifestyle is one I would love to embrace.

My cousin, Sam, put things into perspective after a chat we had a couple days ago.

Sam is inspiring! He lives his life how HE wants to live it. No rules, no social norms, and no direction. He flows effortlessly like a paint brush on a glass surface.

He reached out to me excitedly asking if I was traveling, what I was doing, where I was?!If only, if only, Sam. He said my social media pictures seem like I am "always in awesome new spots."

I do travel quite a bit when I have a break from school and work because no weekend is too short for a new adventure. However, my travels are nothing like Sam's travels.

Sam, his girlfriend Abi, his pooch Leroy, and their cat Honey packed up their life in Seattle last year and hit the road. They saved up, bought an old Ford truck with a camper shell, and decked it out with the most eclectic zen den trinkets you can imagine. Oh what a cozy looking whip. They are two of the bravest and most creative people I know.

This adventure came to an end recently when Sam and Abi nestled back down in Seattle to save up en route to hit the road again. AGAIN?! What an experience to learn, grow, and meet new people.

Sam's lifestyle is enticing to me. I told him this. He responded by saying, "You can do it! It's so easy."

To me it does not sound easy. It sounds like it takes a lot of courage and mental toughness. He has confidence in the path unseen and resilience to hit the road again. I admire these characteristics.

My point is not to tell you to sell all your material things and take a year-long drive with your best friends. Rather, be curious, adventurous, and brave in the pursuit of your dreams.

Do not flow like water in cracks created before of you. Rather flow like one of those raindrops you see looking out the side window of a moving car. Gliding across the glass, creating its own path, colliding into other drops of water, and then breaking free again to travel on its way.

I will contunie to take advantage of the free time I currently have, making time for little expeditions, in hopes to leap at an opportunity for a grand adventure.

Take time to step out of your comfort zone. If you do not like it then, hey, you learned something. Life is a series of learning events that guide you to happiness. Notice things; notice when life is trying to teach you something. Take advantage of the opportunities you have.

Wonder, wander, and live a little.