My 2021-2022 Presets are here: Inspired by the coastal colors of the sand and the sunset with a balance of pure whites and warm tones, these presets perfectly blend haziness with true-to-life so that photographs ALWAYS feel timeless, and have transformed my work and lead me to working with more of my DREAM clients!

Why did I choose to release these presets? Because perfecting my aesthetic has lead to so many new opportunities this year that have made me happier than I've ever been and changed my entire life... And I want my mission for 2022 to share that with YOU!

These aren't just presets, they're tools for manifesting soul sisters and adventures bigger than you've ever dreamed of.

Like most photographers, when I started my journey my dream was to travel all over the world. I wanted to shoot weddings, but church ceremonies just weren't my vibe! I had BIG dreams to shoot advenurous elopements at Yosemite, Joshua Tree, the Salt Flats, the Grand Canyon and BEYOND... a life of long summer nights, sandy skin and salty kisses hiking through mountains in Iceland, wandering barefoot through the deserts in Egypt, Chasing the sun in Morocco and showing up for couples with a hunger for freedom, adventure and doing things differently like me.

When I was starting photography and finding my style, I found it almost impossible to get my tones looking “real” because of that gold-tinted vision — my photos looked too warm, filtered and fake!

And my future clients-to-be saw that in other photographers' work, too.

Those dream clients shared my vision of romanticizing the world through rose-tinted glasses like me... but I knew I needed to tell their REAL, timeless stories without the rose tinted filter. They're the warmest, most inspiring dreamers so who I adore, so I knew I owed it to them to work my hardest and find a way to capture those memories in the beautiful way that they deserve so they stand the test of time.

THESE PRESETS WERE THE ANSWER. And if you're reading this and thinking "Oh my gosh, you are me!" then these are for you, too.

My work using these presets has manifested more inspiring adventures and life-long friends than I ever could’ve dreamed of, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to share that with you to open those doors for YOU in your journey!

What do they look like?

Each pack consists of 6 color presets, 2 Film Additions, and 1 Black + White preset so you can create the illusion of organic warmth and vintage summer vibes with ANY session - whether it's indoors or outdoors, overcast or a bright summer's day there's a perfect fit that'll help you balance tones instantly.

Every preset seamlessly blends true to life tones and hazy golden-hour hues, bringing to life the creamy colors of the waves and the sand with whites as pure as sea foam and contrast as soft yet crisp as the cold ocean breeze!

They capture the essence of bohemian dreams and coastal adventures in an authentic, unfiltered way that I've NEVER experienced with any other preset! They are truly a love-letter to adventurous clients who share that passion and deserve to have their stories preserved in the most beautiful way for a lifetime.

I know you're dying to see them in action... so here they are!

I'm not exaggerating when I say that these presets have COMPLETELY shifted my attitude towards my work and have created more opportunities and adventures for me next year than I ever thought was possible... Click here to follow my journey on Instagram to see how they unfold!

And if you're a dreamer like me and share my struggles, I 100% recommend checking out my presets and purchasing them if this has made you feel passionate about wanting to improve your work and manifest more adventures and dream clients for yourself. Make 2022 the year you take the leap and make that investment... you would not believe the power it could have over your life!

CLICK HERE to check them out and read all the details (they're currently on sale for 111$!) - I can't wait to see what you create with them and how they make your biggest dreams come true.

-- Kendall ♡