Tahoe + Nevada Location Guide

Valley of Fire State Park

A geologic wonderland, the Valley of Fire has 2000 year old petroglyphs carved into massive red sandstone formations in the Mohave Desert.

Overton, NV

Moon Rock

Vix ut utinam feugait. Eu scribentur liberavisse nec. Dico fugit nostro cu pri, no putent nemore mel, ius at minim molestiae.

Reno, NV

Emerald Bay

One of the most gorgeous views in Lake Taho and the one mile hike down to lake level is stunning.

East Shore Lake Tahoe, CA

Sand Mountain

4x4 vehicle needed.

Outside Fallon, NV

Donner Pass

One of the most diverse locations! Sunrise and sunset here are amazing!
See this gallery for a better idea >> https://kendallaubrey.pixieset.com/shannondylan/

Truckee, CA

Sand Harbor

Absolutely clear water in a little cove. Very crowded in the summer, so it's best to visit on weekdays and spring/fall.

North Shore Lake Tahoe, NV

West End Beach

Beautiful lakeside views without the traffic of Lake Tahoe.
See this gallery for a better idea >> https://kendallaubrey.pixieset.com/kimberlythomas/

Donner Lake, CA

Glacier Meadows

Secluded hike with beautiful groves, staggering trees, large glacier looking rocks, and a cute ind at the end.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Donner Train Tunnels

Every year in the tick of winter the train tunnels have these beautiful icicles hanging down. it is stunning and easy to get to.

Truckee, CA

Fallen Leaf Lake

Super easy to park and walk out to and has the lake, snow, and tree line. The sun falls behind the mountain really fast, so you want to take that into consideration of your schedule.

South Lake Tahoe, CA