One of the most stunning national parks

If you're looking to elope or take bridal/engagement photos in Yosemite National Park, I would highly recommend Taft Point. Sunrise sessions there are epic if you are down to go super early, if not, sunset is amazing too!

The hike to the scenic viewpoint is about 0.6 mile, but it takes a while because the trail is not always clear (especially in the snowy season).

I recommend planning to spend at least two hours at Taft Point (including the walking). Before or after your Taft Point adventure you should check out Glacier Point too since it’s about a 15 minute drive away and requires very little hiking to get to the scenic viewpoints.

If you are looking to explore Yosemite Valley below before or after your Point expeditions keep in mind it takes an hour to get from the Valley to the Points and vice versa.

Some of my favorite spots are:

Taft Point

Glacier Point

El Capitan Meadow

Valley View 

Tunnel View 

Before you go, make sure to check the latest news for any Yosemite Instructions/Requirements.

If you're totally sold on the adventure, but do not know where to start the planning send me a message and let's plan some epic photos in one of the most beautiful places on earth!