What a beautiful day in Longbranch, Washington! Sam + Abi beat to their own drum. I am so glad they chose to create the wedding of their dreams to their signature beat. Everything about their special day was curated to their vibe to a T. From the flowers magically hanging in a circle above their ceremony site to the car bar filled with refreshing beverages to the intimate guest list including only their immediate families.

The whole day was perfect! Sam was feeling the emotional feels and kept asking for hugs, and Abi's eyes were filled with love which she radiated upon all who surrounded her. Oh I forgot to mention, Sam is my cousin and I am so thankful I was there to document each and every special moment of theirs--it just made it that much more special.

The moment that made me giggle was when I was photographing the most beautiful table settings curated by the talented Abi, Sam walked up to me and asked me to do his hair. Haha, I was definitely caught by surprise, but super down for the job. I asked him if he wanted a cool french braid or maybe shove some flowers in it. He decided on a loose bun (but of course I made it fancy by hiding the hair tie with a piece of his hair--girls you know what I'm talking about), so he sat on the swing while I did his up-do.

I love these two beautiful souls and I wish them all the love, funky dance beats, and bountiful flower gardens for life!

Also Sam requested a creepy cake cutting shot, so that's why that's there, haha.