spontaneous magic

Making a brisk fall morning feel like a hot summer day was easy with Natalie! The magic just seemed to simply come together from the beginning. We picked a date and filled a Pinterest board with ideas. Natalie’s passion for artwork inspired us the whole way. The morning of the shoot, I gathered props from my family’s property, literally pulling a mustard settee out of an Airstream trailer to create a space for the art-inspired portrait shoot.


It was a cold November morning, the day after Thanksgiving, on my family’s vineyard in the Santa Cruz mountains, but the sun was shining bright. Natalie is an incredibly talented artist and an absolute natural at modeling. Her soul is filled with sunlight and it radiates through the images. She was stunning in simple jeans and tank top which played perfectly off the Autumn background and colorful paint. We giggled the entire day, sharing stories, rearranging props and getting paint on ourselves. We had so much fun blasting music and dancing – we shot for hours but time just flew by.


I’m so proud of how this gallery turned out. The images are some of my most vibrant work but I love the warmth and cool feeling they give off. The shadows that the sun created on the sheet backdrop, Natalie’s pure love for art, everything was so natural and the emotions show through. My favorite part is simply the spontaneous magic that we created through jokes and dancing and art. It was perfect!


Model | Natalie Pauline

Art | Natalie Pauline Art

Jeans | Levis