How to always have photogenic hair

I struggle to take care of my hair especially while traveling--hotel soaps, no conditioner, dry weather, knotted nests behind my neck, and Austen accidentally leaning on it.

However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to ALWAYS have PHOTOGENIC HAIR:

1. Plan ahead. Not gunna lie I do roll out of bed daily with my hair like this, but it doesn’t mean I don’t work hard for it. NEVER plan to wash your full head on weekends (bc that’s when you usually want it to look best). Wednesday’s or Thursday’s are full hair washing days—also plan your best sweat session those days to fully enjoy your rewarding shower.

2. Only wash your hair a couple times a week. When you go longer w/o washing your hair is less greasy. Use dry shampoo in between washes. PRO TIP: Some days (when you get super sweaty at the gym) lightly shampoo ONLY your roots—this way you get bounce back to your roots w/o heavyness of a clean wash on your ends. The less you wash your ends the better it will hold a curl.

3. Brush your hair before you wash it at night and let it air dry. This will give you natural wave and bounce.

4. Use a wand technique to loosely curl your hair when it is totally dry. Between days you do not wash brush out all your hair before bed.

5. Days you know you will be on camera make sure not to touch your hair or flip your part too much (extra greasy from your hands).

So my SECRET TIP: grab a chompy clip (does anyone else call them that?) and grab your hair (even if it’s curled) and twist it into a top knot. Make sure it is loosely twisted and clipped on the backside (so you don’t get a crimp from the clip). Make sure the front is not too tight because it can crimp near your bangs. THEN when you’re ready take a photo unclip your top knot and let your curls flow down effortlessly. I assume all boys have stopped reading by now so: you know that feeling when you get home from a long day and take your bra off? It’s that x10 because you feel like a sexy librarian off duty.

What’s your favorite hair care tip?