beach love

I’ve never met a couple more in love than Brittani and Kyle. Their love started years ago as pen pals sending each other surprise packages back and forth. They fell in love miles apart, and after several months of getting to know each other from a distance, they picked a day and time to finally meet! They've spent six beautiful years together - three long distance, and three living together with a first date being jean jackets on the beach followed by an In-n-Out date. These two quickly became new favorite friends and we had a blast at their beach engagement session in Point Reyes National Seashore. They had so much fun romping around Kehoe Beach with each other telling old stories and giggling with open hearts. Their vibe and energy just radiated. From the moment I first heard Brittani’s voice on the phone to every thoughtful email that followed, I fell more and more in love with her and couldn’t wait to meet her in person.

Brittany and Kyle really wanted to bring In-n-Out to the beach to match their first date, but there weren't any close by. They still had the time of their lives, and ended up spending the weekend nearby at a cozy bed and breakfast that included a romantic date night at the coast with oysters for dinner. Doesn't that sound like heaven?

Kyle had the most fun during our shoot, from being goofy and silly to giving all the forehead kisses. He loved watching his beautiful fiancé pose and twirl, he and I share a love for Brittani’s wind blown hair. I am so grateful the Universe brought us together! It was a perfect day with these beautiful souls, so full of amazing energy and I couldn’t dream of anything better.