1:1 Coaching


Let me guess. You’ve tried the fad diets. You’ve seen success and lost it. You’re not even really sure what WORKS for you. You are NOT ALONE SISTA! 1:1 coaching with me is an ALL INCLUSIVE, COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED, program structured for women just like you. We dive deeeep into your goals, what your current day looks like, what you’re eating, what you simply LOVE and can’t live without, what types of workouts you like and the list goes on! From there, I create your 4 month, 6 month or 1 year program, from sta

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What's the difference between 1:1 Coaching and Project You?

ProjectYou is done in a group setting, with group accountability. It is also mainly focused on weight loss and lifestyle change. You will receive personal training workouts in project you, as well as participate in a group zoom workout.
1:1 is the most customized program I offer. Everything happens with just me and you. It doesn’t have to be focused on weight loss, it can be focused on other goals you may be working towards.

What if i can’t pay the entire coaching amount in full?

Don’t fret! I want to make sure this feels right for you as much as it may feel right for me to have you! Let's talk through it and establish a plan you feel comfortable with.

Are there options to continue coaching after my program is over?

DUH! I would never leave you hanging. Always.

Will I get my deposit back if I choose not to move forward?

No, the deposit is non-refundable.

What if I have questions about your programs before I sign up?

I am here to answer all the questions!!! Head to my 'For Photographers' page and set up a Discovery Call.

Do you have a question?

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Group Coaching

A group of women, all striving toward the same thing you are, holding each other accountable, and lifting each other up… what more could you need?!

Are you...

  • Struggling to lose weight, whether it's 5, 15, or 30lbs?
  • Sick and tired of feeling alone in your journey and your struggles?
  • Finally ready to prioritize YOU and start living your dream lifestyle?​

I've got just the thing!

Project you is a group course built for women who are looking to shed a little or a lot of weight, find routines that work for them, and develop the skills to live a healthy lifestyle, while also living their lives. Life is not meant to be lived feeling guilty for eating the cookie, or drinking 3 glasses of wine, and my Project You ladies know that. We give you the tools to balance health, fitness, nutrition, a healthy mindset, routines, travel, trips, dinners, girls nights… and never feel bad about it. 

We don’t do diets. We don't restrict. We don’t negative self talk. We live, we eat what we love, and we are confident AF. We can’t wait to welcome you to the group, beauty!

What's included?

The 12 week program includes: 

  • Individual meal guidelines & macro goals
  • Individual workout regimen
  • Biweekly Codie & Group check in calls 
  • Monthly Codie & Client check in calls
  • Weekly Codie & Client check ins (monthly goal setting, accountability & learnings, weekend/trip planning)
  • Daily group messenger check ins (accountability, daily reflection, questions answered, picture sharing, motivation, etc)
  • Enrollment in individual online client portal (weight inputs, measurements, progress photos, task completion)
  • Others: Meal prep idea pack, recipe pack, workout pack


How it works...

1)  Fill out the coaching application form/add name to waitlist

2)  Book your free discovery call with Codie or a support coach

3) Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!



Thank you again for today and for everything else!! Today was the first time I truly felt like I could do this for a living. Thank you for being so patient and kind and answering all my questions. It was such an awesome experience and I'm glad I chose you as my mentor 🤍


"Your mentorship was seriously gold. The way you act with clients and your overall aura is so contagious and clients obviously feed off of it. I've started using some of your recommendations and clients are absolutely obsessed. They say it makes it so much easier + more fun of a session. Thank you so much for being such a sweet and genuine and amazing human in this field. You’ve inspired me so much!! And despite all of the insecurities and voices in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough, I’m booking out!"


"The info I learned from you… specifically on exposure and kelvin has been helping sooo much! I want to do another mentor session if your up for it! I think this is the best way I can level up in my biz!"


"I decided to uptake her mentor package and oh my lord, was she helpful! Setting the appointment was so quick and easy - so once the day came, everything was smooth. We spent HOURS just talking and it was all just useful tips. She taught me things I don’t think I would have ever thought on my own. She is just someone who is very easy to get along with it, which made everything seem so seamless. Because of all this, I am truly eternally grateful for Kendall!!!"

Soj Lin

"Thank you for taking me under your wing for a day to patiently and carefully listen, providing honest and valuable answers to my many questions, and being SO kind/encouraging. I had no idea how I was doing, so it meant so much to be affirmed by another photographer! Your positivity is infectious :)"


"Kendall is the absolute sweetest soul. Her mentorship was so incredibly inspiring. Not only does she share amazing ways to grow as a photographer, but also beautiful ways to intentionally connect with your clients. She has crafted such an impactful business and in the short time we spent together I left ready to pour into my business and growth more than ever! You will not regret taking part in her mentorships - she is truly such a wonderful person to learn from and be encouraged by!"