Have questions about working with Kendall?


No. 1 (the Start Up Program)

What do you get...

  • 4 months of accountability, education, and goal planning
  • 1 hour one-on-one bi-weekly Zoom Chats (2 per month)
  • 30 minutes of our first call will be an Introductory Deep Dive where we break down your goals. It's more of an opportunity for me to get a baseline understanding - for me to invest in you because your investing in me
  • FULLY customized roadmap to success + business growth ideas
  • Monthly Group Discussions (recorded for playback if you can't attend Live)
  • Access to a community of like-minded photographers
  • Unlimited access to me via a Voice Messaging App to ask quick questions along the way

  • Enrollment in to Notion where you will have access to weekly goals, tasks, and resources

Topics we will chat about...

1 - Setting Up Your Business: Including tips on Honeybook, Pixieset, Canva, and Camera Setting Tips You May Not Know

2 - Building YOUR Brand: Messaging to Attract your Audience, Creating + Customizing Guides + Templates, Website Content, Aesthetic + Intentional Social Media Planning

3 - Client Experience: Client Management + Automations, How to Structure Your Pricing to Book Higher Paying Weddings, Engaging + Booking Dream Clients

4 - Wedding Days from Start to Finish, How to Book Destination Sessions + Weddings, Candid and Documentary Style Shooting, and The Art of Storytelling

Zoom Mentorship + Workbook

What do you get...

  • Up to 2 hour Zoom Call with me
  • You'll get access to the Planning for Success Workbook* to help you achieve your goals strategically
  • I'll get to know you and ask all about your business
  • We will go over questions you have
  • We will talk through your Workbook and create an action plan together towards your specific goals so you are not alone achieving them
  • We will be besties by the end!

*This workbook will be a lifelong partner in your success as it has been for mine. I revisit mine every year to achieve my next level.

Topics we will chat about...

  • Marketing on Instagram (what hashtags to use, upping engagement, etc.)
  • Editing (what presets I use, what I typically tweak, little tips + tricks)
  • My Workflow and Software (what SD cards + hard drives I use, uploading, where I upload, etc.)
  • Shooting (my favorite prompts for cinematic shots and how I make my couples feel comfortable to let their story unfold)
  • Tips to booking dream clients and destination / luxury weddings
  • Client Experience
  • Goal setting + Constructive criticism (Instagram, website, etc.)
  • What I use (gear, website, blogging, culling, you name it and we will go over it)
  • Finding your style, niche

Shadow Styled Shoot

What do you get...

  • A fully styled dream shoot to capture all to yourself
  • Shadow shoot alongside me to see how I direct couples to let their unique story unfold through a candid and documentary style
  • Learn the difference between posing, prompting, and storytelling and how to make couples feel comfortable
  • Gain portfolio work to advertise to luxury price paying clients
  • Prep 1 hour coffee shop chat
  • Follow-up 1 hour Zoom chat

What to expect...

We basically spend half the day together. First we will meet up at a coffee shop to chat about a few topics of your choosing. From there we will head to our dreamy styled shoot to get the most stunning content and you can see how I work a typical shoot. Oh, AND I will take some stellar headshots for you too! After, we will head home, cull all our favorite images and plan a 1 hour Zoom date to chat about editing, so you can see how I put the finishing touches on my work!

Styled Shoot...

I will set up a gorgeous creative shoot based off what you are interested in shooting more of or a creative idea you have been wanting to try. I will prompt the couple and let you shoot + prompt as well. I will teach you where I would typically pose a couple based off the time of day, lighting, and landscape and show you how I create a gallery full of diversity!


Where the magic happens! I will show you exactly what I do to all my photos. I will also chat with you about how to achieve your desired look. It's all about learning Lightroom and your unique style.

No. 01 The program

more informaton

What You Will Have Accomplished in 4 Months...

(by the end of summer!!!)

  • Create a streamlined + seamless workflow strategy, so you can get more done in less time
  • Simplify your workload and set up automations so you can stay efficient by getting work done even when your not working
  • Feel confident and at ease about everything it takes to run a successful photography business
  • Organize your calendar
  • Create a strong brand and presence that flows through all your content and messaging
  • Create on-brand, professional templates and guides
  • Clean up your website for a fresh look ensuring your dream clients to book you
  • Get ahead of your social media with a plan to post aesthetically and intentionally
  • Created an intentional and unparalleled experience for your dream clients
  • Increase your prices confidently and consistently book your highest package
  • Book out your calendar with dream clients
  • Generate your highest revenue year yet
  • Set up an effective review system to have raving testimonials
  • Build a portfolio that truly resonates with your dream clients
  • Meet new photographer friends in the community
  • Gain a friend (me) who has your back and will stop at nothing to see you succeed

All this in four short months! The goal of this program is to make back your educational investment...and so much more. I am confident you will because you deserve it. Let's get started so you're prepped + ready to book out next season!

But like, what IS No. 1 (the Start Up Program)?

No. 1 (the Start Up Program) is an online one-on-one coaching program best for photographers who have started their business, but still need help with things like aesthetic finding and finessing their dream clients, filling their calendars and LOTS more. You'll be moving through the program as a cohort attending monthly discussions together, but we will spend the majority of the time together one-on-one working on YOUR business. You'll be able to connect as much or as little as you want with your community. 


No. 1 (the Start Up Program) is an online one on one coaching program best for photographers who have started their business, but still need help with things like aesthetic and holistic branding, advertising, finding and finessing their dream clients, filling their calendars, organic posing for storytelling, and creating more income and understanding the routes of expansion in your career, PLUS lots more.

I will host a 1 hour LIVE Group Discussion the first Tuesday of every month focusing on a topic that will help guide our one-on-one discussions and help you prepare to implement the ideas. They will be recorded, so if you miss it you can always watch it on your on time. Q+A's with the whole group will end the discussion, so we can all chat as a community. You will also book two 1 hour Zoom calls (bi-weekly) per month to chat about the topic of the month and implement the ideas in to your business.

For example, when new chat about 'Building YOUR Brand' I will help you step by step to refine your audience, create clear messaging, build an identity with feeling, craft visual templates you can use over and over (yes, I will help you pick colors and fonts or review of what you currently have), and make sure your values flow through your client experience.

Plus, you will get unlimited access to me via a Voice Messaging App where you can ask quick questions along the way.

You'll be moving through the program as a cohort attending weekly discussions together, but we will spend majority of the time together one-on-one working on YOUR business. You'll be able to connect as much or as little as you want with your community.

What's the difference between No. 01 (the Start Up Program) and a Zoom Coaching?


No. 01 (the Start Up Program) is so much more in depth and geared toward actual changes in your business where as a Zoom Coaching is best for someone who has a few questions they'd like to understand better.

No. 01 is packed with educational discussions and sprinkled with 1 on 1 opportunities for us to implement those topics in to your business. It's a digestible way to up-level your business quickly. You'll have space to implement ideas on your own time, but also have me to support you, so it gets done!

Why did I create No. 1 (the Start Up Program)?

After hosting multiple Zoom Mentorships I realized I was sad that I was only helping one step of the way and rarely got the chance to chat deeply about all the goals we set together coming true (other than supporting you on Instagram). I decided I wanted to help you the whole way, not just on the tasks you thought of that day.

If I’ve learned anything in this business it's that you can grow reallllly fast if you set a plan to. Which is amazing, but also kinda scary to do alone because you’re blazing a trail and sometimes don’t know which way to go next. That’s where I want to step in to help you light YOUR path to your next destination. Think of me as a trail buddy who brings snacks, sings songs, and also helps you grow your business to a six figure income in your second year.

This isn’t a brag, I just want you to see real quantifiable results…

In 2020 I captured 6 weddings and a handful of smaller sessions = $50k

In 2021 I captured 20 wedding and a handful of smaller sessions = $120k (doubled+ income)

In 2022 I captured 33 weddings + some associate shot = $250k (again, doubled my income)

I started my wedding photography business in 2019, been shooting since 2017, but it feels like I’ve been doing forever —I’ve invested every breathing moment in to my business and still feel I haven't worked a day in my life.

Everyone is different, but I want to be along side you to support your growth every step of the way. I’ve gone from my sessions ranging from just seniors to adding engagement sessions to offering weddings and now I educate too. The sky is the limit for your growth and I want you to succeed too. So let me help you on your path to your dream creative career.

Who is No. 1 (the Start Up Program) for?

In short, EVERYONE, but it's especially created for photographers ready to transform their business to engage and book your calendar full with dream clients, charge luxury pricing, create raving referrals, and increase your income!

If you're the type of creative who is always updating their website, spending hours deciding what photos to post on Instagram, and itching to up level your business daily, but lack the personalized accountability to do it all--No. 1 (the Start Up Program) is created and designed for you.

This program is for the serious dreamers and doers. The ones who want to make six figures or more and who really want to invest in a creative career to unlock exciting new levels of lifestyle.