What I wish I knew a year ago

You know that feeling when life slows down and you take a moment to realize where you’re at in regards to where you were previously? Have you ever had that feeling like, “dang, if I would have started X when I initially thought about it I would have achieved Y by now,” have you ever felt that? I feel have felt this way many times.


What I wish I knew a year ago in regards to nutrition:

-Food is fuel, not a support system

-Protein builds muscle which burns fat

-Carbs are your friend as long as they are high in fiber, vitamins, nutrients (i.e. fruits and veggies)

-Healthy fats are necessary, but can be overdone

-Elimination patterns are something to be mindful of

-Be aware of the calories your drinking—they matter too

-Alcohol, no matter how much, is completely unnecessary

-Eating mindfully (no screens/distractions) is important

-Bloating means something’s not right and should be investigated

-Starvation and restriction will only push you farther away

-Macros, intuitive, mindful, plant based, whatever...do what works for you—what makes you happy and has you stressing the least about your meals

-Finding what works best for you may take some trial and error time, but use that to build your knowledge of self awareness and blueprint of your body

-Take the time to get to know yourself inside and out

What I wish I started a year ago in regards to fitness:

-Consistency and dedication are the keys to success

-Creating healthy habits for life is the primary goal

-Manifesting your dreams actually works

-Running alone won’t get you a toned body

-Stress and obsession moves you in the wrong direction

-Lifting weights won’t make you a mini hulk

-Building muscle makes you toned and burns fat

-Stretching/slow controlled movements are your best friend

-Heavy sweat sessions are basically stress sessions on your body (look up side effects of stress)

-Sweating a ton doesn’t mean your working out ‘better’ or ‘harder’

-Sleep/rest is more important than exercise

My fitness journey started with this exact feeling I just described. So one morning I woke up and instead of feeling sad or discouraged that I hadn’t achieved what I hoped by that time in my life: I just ACTED.

I did something that would help me achieve my goals: I found a mentor I could rely on—someone who cared about me, took interest in my goals, and I was able to trust as a supporter. Then with their guidance I made a plan, I stuck to it, created healthy habits, and 3 months from the day I acted I looked up and realized I achieved what I initially wished I achieved years ago.

You will not regret starting. You will not wish you waited to achieve your goals. If your passion in achieving your dream is as important as you believe it to be you will accomplish your goals faster than you ever thought possible. If your struggling to start check out my FREE EBOOK available for download via the downloads link above. Also please reach out for support or guidance. I am passionate about building confidence in others with a focus on wellness and fitness. What types of questions can I help you uncover the answers to? How can I help your dreams come true?