Wake with the light

A narrative about being one with nature and slowing down in life.

This morning I woke >> with << the earth.

Sharing the first glimpse of the earth with the sun is a connectedness that nothing else can compare to.

Thank you <<higher power>> for this beautiful life. I am sorry I do not appreciate it enough. In addition to the breathtaking, non-camera-catchable sunrise, the sound of the buoy/boat bells, birds chirping, waves crashing, and seeing bunnies hopping...I found my 'home.'

Sometimes home is not a place...it is a feeling. A certain smell that fills the air, or that familiar sound that makes you smile every time it flutters in and out of your ears. A moment in time with friends, or a memory that drifts back into the mind.

We all have those little things in life that bring along a sense of familiarity. It makes us feel comfortable and at ease. Maybe it's the bed you sleep in every night, or that rock or shell you keep by your side no matter where you go. But maybe it's just simply being next to that one person who makes you feel like everything will be okay. That's what home feels like to me.

It's silly, the hardest decision I had to make today was which side of the hill I would watch the sunrise. The one where the sun rises and the earth touches the sky or the one where the sky touches the ocean. I chose the latter. This isn't to say I didn't spend my morning running the trail back-and-forth to see both views of the sunrise...I still did that. However, on the ocean side, the way the clouds reflected shades of pink, yellow, and blue was incredible.

All I can think about right now is Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "Burn the Ships," about Spaniards sailing for Mexico in 1519. Upon arrival and in the midst of many hardships they wished they could go back. Instead they decided to burn their ships. Stay there forever. And figure out what that life would hold.

Sometimes you set sail without a view of a destination, trusting the tools you've got. And once you get there, you stay. You move forward, not backwards you burn your ships (Annie Downs, 2014).

I want to burn my ship and stay in this moment forever. But I know my greatest desire is to settle someplace by the sea, so no burning of the Benz anytime soon. I will be back to stay someday.