Surrender to the experience

—it’s actually a book by Michael A. Singer, but I have yet to read it (it’s on my wishlist). BUT even without reading it I noticed I’ve manifested more dreams then I can count in the past month. This all started happening when I finally decided to “stop swimming upstream”—as Austen tells me.

Since January I wanted so badly to get a job, work for someone, and make money, but I have been searching for a way to do so AND travel the world. Nothing was working out to give me the flexibility I needed to travel these past months...but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been successful. Since January I’ve been working, but not in the traditional 9-5 way. This is hard to accept and understand for others around me and even myself.

So since I don’t have a typical job with outlined duties I have been trying to label myself and restructure my life…but it was draining me and making me feel even more lost. I was swimming upstream again trying to fit myself into a box that doesn’t exist.

I TRIED to surrender before, about a month earlier, but it didn’t last because I wasn’t ready to fully accept I was surrendering—I was MAKING myself surrender. This past month: Instead of feeling guilty and like I wasn’t doing enough I FINALLY decided to completely surrender.

The difference is I finally believed in myself and my decision and NOW I see the results from surrendering to my experience—I was approached with a super random opportunity to check something off my bucket list, I said yes and was rewarded extra, and then checked off two more bucket list goals later that week.

Yesterday I realized Austen and I are doing what we hoped to be doing this year—traveling the world, meeting new people, and experiencing new things! It’s insane what positive energy can bring you.

I am a happier and healthier person by just enjoying my experience...(not swimming upstream anymore or fighting the process) because what else is this life really for, but to enjoy the flow of life we are given.

I challenge you to surrender your experiences and stop swimming upstream—see what happens!