the best wedding venues i've filmed at

I am so stoked for you to start your planning! How fun and this really is the best time!

Secondly, I am so honored you trust my venue judgement. Feel free to ask me any questions about venue specifics and concerns! I will give you all the random details that I know matter, but might be overlooked by just searching for venues online.

These are in no particular order.

Boho, vintage, barn, coastal feel - can get cold cause on the coast, but aesthetically amazing and low key: Straus Home Ranch

Austen's favorite, super rustic, family friendly, lots of space for lawn games and picturesque locations, totally aesthetically amazing, kinda smells like cows at first, DARK barn inside: Olympia's Valley Estate

One of my favorites (except the dance floor is eh), everyone in the bridal party stays in cottages on the venue, twinkling lights, beautiful stucco, amazing panoramic views: Holman Ranch

Waterfall Lodge: if you want that redwoods-y vibe. SO pretty! Your guests can also stay in cabins too!

Plymouth, CA: We filmed Jamie + Cameron's wedding at a small winery venue down the street from THIS giant mansion and it was great. Super cozy, everyone in one place, mostly outdoors, lots of fun. I don't know what the winery was. I tried researching it. I can ask them if you really like the mansion here.

Mayacama: This golf course was actually absolutely stunning, super random, but beautiful. String lights in a stone courtyard while you enjoy dinner outside. Little spread out though, ceremony site was cramped. Stay in a giant house/Airbnb nearby with all your peeps! 

Noe Valley Ministry to Gallery 308 in the Marina is super beautiful if you wanna stay in the city, but pretty minimal, so it needs TLC with decor. The sunset is amazing!

Never been here, but when researching for you looks really pretty: Gardener Ranch

If you're going destination...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND VILLA DEL OSO IN SAYULITA, MEXICO! We filmed Adam + Alexa's wedding there and OMG, I wish I was a guest. There's just so much to do and everything is beautiful. Honestly there's a ton of other venues in Mexico that are great too, but that's the one I know.

Cornerstone Sonoma: is beautiful, clean, white.

To view weddings we filmed to check out the venues: click here

Have fun researching and don't hesitate to reach out!