How journaling helped me recognize my greatest setback

I thought I was gunna have a hard time journaling while traveling and almost convinced myself not to do it. I heard this little voice in my head listing off all the reasons I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what I set out to do (23 days of self-reflection journaling)—“you won’t have time”, “you’ll be too tired”, “your journal takes up too much space in your bag”, “you’ll be stressed to fit it in your schedule”—all these self destructive thoughts limiting my belief to achieve my goal—ALL BEFORE I EVEN STARTED?!

Have you felt this before? It can happen with ANY goal you set for yourself. I’m sure you’ve experienced this because it’s not the first time I have, BUT this time I was aware of the nonsense and did not let it control my actions.

It’s terrible how easy it is to talk yourself out of something—BUT WHY? This is a goal you’re wanting to achieve to better your life, not some horrible experience you’re dreading. Why are you letting your mind talk you out of it?

I can happily say I have achieved my goal of writing in my journal for 22 days now...1 more to go. All throughout the process the little voice tried to talk me out of it, limited time tried to convince me to just give up, and a time difference confused me for a day.

The process of self-reflection journaling helped me immensely to recognize my strength, weaknesses, challenges, and barriers to success and happiness. I highly recommend completing the 23 prompts whether you started and took a break or haven’t yet.

This accomplishment made me question that little voice and its credibility to be giving me advice...I thought back to all the experiences and internal conversations I’ve had in my lifetime and recognized that little voice taking up space in my head hasn’t been helpful, not one bit. (Side note: There’s definitely a difference between a ‘gut’ feeling and the little voice in your head, so as not to confuse those.)

I challenge you to be aware of the little voice inside your head. I’ve noticed that my voice isn’t someone I appreciate much. My voice usually says things that make me feel scared, sad, depressed, anxious, or self-critical. I hear things like: “you’re ugly”, “you don’t have a real job”, “you’re overweight”, “you’re sunspots make you look old”, “your boyfriend doesn’t love you”, “you have no self control”, “you should just give up”...

If the voice inside my head was a real person I would NOT be its friend, they would add so much unwanted negative energy and emotions to my life. The advice my head gives me usually goes against my goals as well, so I’ve been training myself you lower the volume, or at least acknowledge what benefits my life and what doesn’t.

I’m thankful for the awareness my soul has given me and if you’re interested in learning more about this idea or separating your little voice from your souls consciousness pick up the book: The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. It is life changing and helping me to achieve my goals so much easier.

Sometimes we’re our biggest cheerleaders, but I’ve noticed most times I’m also my biggest disbeliever/barrier. I’m trying my best to mute the negative voice in my head and take positive action towards my dreams.