Get lean + toned without looking bulky

How do I become leaner and more toned without looking bulky or big?

This is a great question and something I feel like a lot of women worry about. We all want to get leaner and more toned, but we do not want to look like “The Hulk” in the process. I totally get it. Building muscle burns fat, so a mix of cardio and weight training is great. I am proof that you will not look like "The Hulk" from lifting heavy weights.

While genetics plays a role, you can gain what you desire through proper fueling and exercise. I have been working out for YEARS and never saw the results I hoped for until October 2017 after tweaking up my routine, diet, and mindset a bit. These tweaks in my lifestyle are what I hope to share with you, so that you do not waste years like I did without the body of my dreams.

The ‘tone’ people desire comes from adding muscle to ones body. How many un-toned people do you see running on treadmills or wasting away on the elliptical? Yes, cardio is good, but it is not cardio that will give people the toned look they want. To add muscle you need to fuel correctly: more protein and carbohydrates and less fat (even healthy), all while moving heavier weights.

I know girls get scared about getting “big” or “bulky” when using weights, but that’s genetic or eating too much of the wrong food. Weights will make your muscles pop and show you the toned-ness you hope to see. SO LIFT WEIGHTS!