Eat before or after a workout?

Do you eat before or after a workout? What do you usually eat?

This really depends on when in the day you exercise and I would be happy to tailor an answer that fits best for you. I work out mid-morning, so I will usually eat some protein to fuel my workout. I opt for either a protein shake or egg whites with blueberries and hemp seeds. After my workout it is around lunchtime, so I refuel with a protein packed salad made with spinach, celery, asparagus, grapefruit, avocado, lemon, quinoa/black beans and chicken.

It is important to get enough protein before and after a workout to fuel your muscles, and no, this will not make you “big.” However, fasted workouts will boost fat lost, especially in women. If you have enough natural energy or can successfully push through a workout on coffee, then I would try doing fasted workouts first thing in the morning. BUT if you are seeing your lifts and energy is too low, make sure to eat something before you train.