Gym vs. group exercise classes

Do you prefer group workout classes or going to the gym? If you go to the gym, what is your routine?

I love both! I love classes for the accountability you feel having signed up and usually prepaid for your workout (so you are more inclined to be there) and the energy radiating the room. It is like a social community event. However, I also love the discipline and motivation it takes to be on your own schedule, get up, and go to the gym.

My gym routine is different every day of the week. Each day I focus on a different muscle group. It sounds confusing, but because I focus on the same muscle groups each week it makes my routines consistent and I can see progress in my activities. I usually do mix of weight lifting, plyometrics, sprints, and stretching. I always do abs for about 10-15 minutes and then stretch and foam roll, another 5-10 minutes. In total my gym routine takes me about 1.5 hours.